Celebrate You!

Happy New Year Sistas!!! Can you believe it is 2022?! Thank God!!! I celebrate you sistas! For being here, for making it! Regardless of how often you had those days that you had no strength to get up, comb your hair, smile or even cry…you made it!

Okay, okay…so let’s start out this first month re-discovering what a “New You” may look like and if you even need a “new you”. The article for this month is a little about re-discovering ourselves, relative to how we look and feel on the outside. Although we know it works from the inside out. 

Let’s do this in three steps: 

1. Go to a full body mirror, and determine what your best features are.

2. Go to your closet and select the clothes that play up that\those features. 

3. Google some looks that feature those items, and try to create them. 

4. Wa-la!!! Take selfies!!

This year we are loving ourselves and letting that reflect in our wardrobe! Love you to life sistas!!



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