Cost Efficient Chic Cool Costume Looks…Yes Please!

Hey Sistas!!!

How ya’ll feeling?! I’m great! Thank you for asking. Hee Hee. Ya’ll got your costumes ready? Need some cool chic costume ideas?

Y’all: “Yes sis!”

Me: “ I got you!”

For this month’s article we are going to create 4 costume looks using a Cheetah print costume kit from Dollar Tree(ears, tails, bow tie), and our very own clothes that we already have in our closet. We will break down the 4 costume looks into 2 chic looks and 2 cool looks.

Let’s start with our two chic costume looks. For the first Chic Costume look we’re going to grab a printed jumper , pair it with some printed heels, and complete the look with the Costume Kit. However, if this feels too “matchy-matchy” or the print is just giving you “cruise-ship entertainer” vibes, you can try pairing the costume kit and printed heels with a solid color jumper.

Moving on to the second Chic Costume look; you’ll want to grab a solid color dress made with great material that makes you feel like “Yaaaaasssss!”. And don’t forget to make sure you can move in it. You don’t want it to be so tight that you can’t do your favorite part of the Thriller video! There is nothing worse than trying to be “cute” over being comfortable. Now when I say comfortable I don’t mean quarantine comfortable. Resist the urge to be that girl that made Drake famous…oh you know the one sis…“Sweat pants, hair tie, chillin’ with no make-up on.” This has no place in our Chic Costume Box! Lol. But seriously, we outside! And if dresses aren’t your thing, you can opt for a pencil skirt. Or dare I say it? Knock yourself out with a more formal skirt. You can pair the dress or skirt with printed heels, a textured top, your Costume Kit, and Bam! She ready. Giggle. Giggle.

Now for our two Cool Costume looks. We can be comfortable here, but don’t over do it! Lol. For the first Cool Costume look grab your favorite jeans, Printed-T, Cropped Moto Fall jacket, calf-high boots, and your Costume Kit. And “Do the Naomi Campbell walk”! Heeeeyyy!!! And for the second Cool Costume look. Sweats! But slow your roll sis… A solid color cropped fitted sweatsuit! Bring on the cute and complete the look with printed tennis shoes, solid color baseball cap, and your Costume Kit.

And for the grand finale…If you are those you don’t know please mask up with of course a printed mask and cat eye! On the other hand, if you are around your people and you’re vaccinated…sis put on that bold red lip and fierce cat eye. Be safe and have fun sistas! As always, keep it cute and keep those coins!



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