Crop it like it’s Hot

Hey sistas! How y’all doing? Y’all staying hydrated? It has been so hot thus far. Let us pray that the rest of the summer will not be scorching. Lol. So what does one wear when the weather is so hot it makes you have an attitude? Hee Hee. Glad you asked! A cute and fun crop top! 

The best thing about this little top is that you can pair it with items you already have! That’s right! Get creative! Pair your crop top, or even a swimsuit top with your favorite skirt, high waist bottoms, or even beachwear. 

For this article I present to you my favorite three looks with a crop top. 

Outfit #1: A cute short set with a strapless bandeau style crop top. 

Outfit #2: A  fun off the shoulder flare sleeve crop, colorful lightweight 360 skirt, and colorful silk head scarf. 

Outfit #3: A more upscale day party look with a high waisted genie style capri, black spaghetti strap bandeau style swimsuit top, a long flowy elegant kimono, and a beach style hat.

What is your favorite look to look chill with a scorching temperature? Let me know! Tag us on instagram with your favorite looks, or if you try any of these. Until next time sistas…

Stay cute and keep your coins! 

Your sista, 


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