Don’t Give Up On Fitness

Here we are again another January article!

Who else cannot believe that it’s already the start to another new year!  I simply can’t believe how quickly the year just passed us by, yet somehow for so many of us the individual days seemed to go so slowly. This is kind of the way it is with setting goals and health and fitness as well.

You set your goal, you want to lose some weight, fit into those jeans again, feel more energized, be able to keep up with your kids, and the list goes on. You do what you set out to do one time, you do it again and again, it’s been a few days and no change, maybe, right?! At this point is when you need to make a choice. Do I keep going even though I don’t see the change or do I give up now? Many give up. But what if you decided to keep showing up, to keep working at it? What if you kept going and didn’t get discouraged?  What if by the end of the whole year, you were able to look back and say wow, that went by so fast and I look and feel great! Day by day I didn’t see the changes but now adding it all together at the end of the year it shows and was worth it! I set my goal and stayed consistent and I did it!!

Statistics show that most people who commit to a health and fitness goal don’t carry through with it. The gyms are packed in Jan and then start to fizzle out by February or March. Everyone has fresh hopes, new dreams or finally want to do something about an old one, but then for some reason we give up on ourselves because the results aren’t fast enough.

Just like these long days somehow turn to a year gone so quick, let’s have these goals set turn into real results at the end of the year! Let’s make sure of it, Let’s commit!

Don’t give up on yourself! You deserve this commitment to yourself!!

Happy 2022!!

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