Easy Does It…Dad!

Hey Sistas!!! We all know what this month is. Time to celebrate those daddies! Lol. I don’t know if your dad or the man you are honoring is anything like my dad…Laid back. My dad has a very calm demeanor, and hardly ever raises his voice. And much like his personality, is his personal style. So….instead of gifting socks again…(Yup, I said it. Take them back! Ha Ha) Why not grab a few dad t-shirts, have a handkerchief personalized, or maybe even an apron for the BBQ Master himself?

The possibilities are endless sistas! I tend to think I am a pretty good gift giver. Here are my tips that are sure to make your gift will be safe from the shameful “Re-Gift Box”. 

(1) Study your subject and see what they really enjoy. Is it fishing, technology, sports, classic cars?

(2) Set your budget. Oh yes sistas, we are still saving coins. 

(3) Decide if you want to get something personalized, or a certain item. 

(4) Research your options for the best deals. This could be local, Amazon, Etsy, or even Facebook Marketplace. 

(5) Be sure to double check the sizes for your subject, favorite team, color, etc before ordering/purchasing. 

(6) Present your gift to your subject in packaging that makes them want to open it! Lol

As always, you don’t have to break the bank to give meaningful and memorable gifts. The key is to plan ahead of time, and do your research. Father’s Day, and other major holidays happen annually. If you see a gift for someone that is “out of season” , grab it and store it until the time comes! 



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