Fall into Fashion

Hey Sistas!!! Can you believe it’s August already? It’s fall y’all! Time to celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of harvest season.

Y’all ready to explore these 2021 fashion trends for the fall? Great! Let’s go!  First, we will start with the list of honorable mentions that made it to NYFW, but will not be making it to my closet. LOL, because trendy can sometimes be tacky. And “everything ain’t for everybody”. 

1). Sweater vests

2). Hooded Puffa jackets

3). Lime green 

See….I told you so! Hee Hee. But don’t worry sis. I got you. Look below to find my favorite trends for fall 2021 from NYFW. 

1). Colorful leather/vegan leather.  I would use this trend for my accessories. Perhaps a pop of color with a leather handbag, or a moto style leather jacket with jeans. Ideal for a movie date.

2). Cropped Sweatshirt. I imagine pairing this with matching sweatpants, tights, or distressed denim. Can’t go wrong wearing this for a bowling night. 

3). Super Sparkles. Oh wait…this hasn’t always been a trend? I mean I truly feel that glitter,shimmer,sparkle, anything shiny (except a T-Zone) make EVERYTHING better! Ha Ha. I’m going to take a gander and say sparkles are a big trend because the world wants to celebrate being outside again! And I’m here for it! It can be your earrings, a dress, shirt, belt, pants, or shoes!!! Notice I said “or ” …I personally wouldn’t put all of this sparkle together, but you could “Shine bright like a diamond”. (Insert meme here. LOL) 

In all seriousness; wear what feels and looks amazing to you, and like three other people. Ha! And why not fall into some new fashion for the remainder of the year? But Tiff, I need to save these coins. I can’t go on a shopping spree. And you don’t have to. Read on for some tips: 

1). Recycle some of your older pieces and apply some sparkly applique to turn them into an entirely different shirt or dress. 

2). Opt for vegan leather. Save money and animals! It’s a win-win. 

3) Cropped Sweatshirts can be purchased during the winter at great sale prices. Simply store them in the summer and bring them back out in the fall. 

Until next month sistas…



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