Find Your Why


Why do we get up in the morning, why do we get dressed, take care of ourselves, do the things we do?

We all have a reason to carry on, a purpose, a reason we find the strength, the energy to carry on and do what we need to do.  Some of what we need to do we may not necessarily want to do. This is when that why comes into play.  It may be a long term goal or that someone is looking up to us and we have to succeed to show them we can do it. There are infinite possibilities to what a why could be, it is completely individualized. We each have different goal, lives, and personalities. Sometimes we have to really dig deep to figure out our why, sometimes it may be more clear. Sometimes it may be super complicated and sometimes just super simple.

When we go through a tough time and we are just feeling defeated we need this why, it will get us through the dark days and remind us that we cannot give up.

Here are some tips and tricks to help find your why… try new things; in order to figure out what you truly love to do you have to try different things.  Surround yourself with positive, uplifting people; we feed off the vibes of the people around us, if we spend our time with positive people we will have a more positive outlook as well. Pay attention to things around you, how things make you feel and respond, what do you dislike doing and what do you not mind if you have to spend extra time on, what do you actually want to spend all your time on, or who with.  

My why happens to be my family and my health and fitness.  I don’t mind doing extra things or spending extra time with or on my family.  I will do all I can and actually sacrifice other things to make sure my family is happy. It is important for me to set a good example for my family and to make them proud of me.  This also feeds into my health and fitness, I do this for myself but also so that I can better care for those around me. When I feel good about myself, strong and healthy, I notice I can be more positive and have more of an impact on those around me, I can inspire others to be their best self when I feel I am my best self.  

Finding your why takes a lot of self-searching and listening to yourself and the things around you.  Try to listen to these small things, so you are able to find this why and it will help you through tough times and situations.

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