First Time Buyer

For me, I envision Real Estate differently from others. It’s my passion, my world, my life! At the age of 13 I shared the buying experience with my mom. From picking out the lot, the elevation, interior options and even our move in date. I knew then, that Real Estate was something I wanted to invest my time and energy into on a daily basis. In 2014, I decided to relocate to Las Vegas to begin my career in Real Estate. I landed a with one of the largest property management companies in Las Vegas as well as my first apartment. After I moved in, I created a 5-year plan for purchasing my first home. 

Over the years I began saving and watching my spending. I reached out to family, friends and even a few realtors asking about first-time buyer programs and incentives. Everyone pretty much stated the same thing. Focus on my credit and make sure I can obtain a least a 720 score, keep my bills low and save as much as I can. July 2018, a few months before my lease was up I decided to look at properties that my job was selling. After talking with my mom’s college friend, he advised that I get pre-qualified with his lender. So, I did! The process was super quick. The loan officer requested that I submit the last 2 years of taxes, 2 years of pay stubs and recent bank statements. Once those docs were reviewed and submitted to the underwriter, they emailed me a pre-approval letter. 

Then came the fun part after receiving the letter. Of course, house shopping! I figured since I was already in the industry I should start looking within my company. Within hours of looking I came across a 4- bedroom home that I felt was perfect for me and my family. As soon as I pulled up to the drive-way I just felt at home. I remember walking through the property for over an hour convincing myself not to put in an offer. The good thing was that I didn’t need a realtor to do a negotiating or anything. 

Once I arrived back at my condo I immediately put in an offer with a close date of September 24, 2018. With just a little back and forth they accepted my offer and emailed me the purchase agreement. The agreement was signed I had to transfer my earnest money to their bank and schedule my inspection. After the inspection was completed, it was just a waiting game until my closing date. The day of close I signed my papers and picked up my keys. That night I remember pulling up to my new home and pouring me a glass of wine. I was simply grateful that I made it all happen on my own!! 

All my saving and work I put in on increasing my credit finally came into play. I was now a homeowner for the 1st time and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made! 

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