Fitness Accountability

What are some words that come to mind when you think about fitness, starting out or even continuing on in your workout/fitness journey? For me, a few words are motivation, discipline, consistency, lifestyle, transformation etc. These are all such powerful words and honestly become so overwhelming.  In last month’s issue, I wrote a bit about setting goals and making them SMART & behavior based rather than outcome based. Today I want to talk about something that can help when all these powerful words start to overwhelm. 

I don’t know about you but when I become overwhelmed I tend to not want to make any decisions at all. When I’m all out of motivation because I had a hard day and I’m so tired, I just want to come home and nap. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to have that motivation right there to grab onto at all times and make it happen?  So nice! But, in real life it’s just not always going to work out that way. There are days I sit on my couch for hours and go back and forth with myself… “should I go? I need to go! it will be ok if I don’t go just one day” back and forth through these thoughts over and over.  Truth be told all those thoughts are true. I probably should go and it’s also probably ok if I don’t (as long as it doesn’t turn into a pattern or trend of not going/doing what needs to be done to meet my goals). 

What I have noticed is that when I’m held accountable for my actions I tend to make a better decisions. Accountability partners can truly help.  Make a plan to meet up for a workout together. There are so many options now, like FaceTime, google meets and zoom is now so common also. If you don’t have a friend near to physically meet with or don’t feel comfortable meeting in person due to Covid or other reasons hop on a zoom and do a workout together live on camera. Even just a simple text from or to a friend saying, “hey did you get your workout in today? You got this!” could be just the push you or they need to make the right choice!! Have an accountability partner and also be someone’s accountability partner.  Schedule your rest days, your body does need rest, and these days are just as important as the days you go hard on your workout. Plan beforehand, so there is no guess work or room for extra excuses!  Be accountable , not only to yourself by scheduling and making a plan but also to someone else for that added support that we ALL need. The importance of connection and teamwork is so powerful. Lets hype each other up and hold each other accountable to seeing our goals through to the end and beyond!!! 

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