From the Editor

I have been asked many times “why create this magazine”

To be honest, I’m no Proust, Dante or Poe. I just know that when I write it captures a side of me that not even I can recognize. I found something about myself that I didn’t know every time I put pen to paper. I see myself growing and I begin to see what other people say they see in me. 

Many of my friends (who are also contributors) are exactly the same way! I ramble when I speak as do so many and I’m often left with the feeling that what i spoke didn’t come off right and left with wanting to say even more than i started with. Millions of people feel that way! I wanted to create a relatable space. One where we can read and say “well, damn…I’m not the only one” and not have to be worried about “who liked it on instagram, or how many views it got, or I wonder if anyone noticed”. 

I see growth with each and every word. I see happiness and being fulfilled, enjoyment with every motion of my fingers touching the keyboard. I also feel afraid, being able to see my own potential. I get overwhelmed, watching the people who raised me and be apart of my life say “I knew you could do it”. I feel honored, the amount of support that I have, even when I feel like as if I am not making a difference, they show up and say “Thank you Danielle, you’re making me work harder towards my goals. That makes it all worth it.

Here you aren’t judged. Here, you don’t feel the need to be validated or be in a room with a million people and feel all alone. Here, you are free to express yourself, relate to someone else, laugh, cry and have someone too go to when you feel you have no one at all.  

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