Me, Myself and My Peace

I remember saying to someone about a year and a half ago “you need to know when you’re having an unhappy moment vs just being unhappy and be careful with the choices you make during those uncertain moments”! I think we all say it at times and never really do it …but this was a year of learning to take my own advice! No matter What the situation, I needed to find my happy and listen to myself!

Peace! OMG…Protecting my peace has been the best piece of advice I have given myself! What does that mean? That means, letting no one! I mean no one! Nothing or anything come in between me the peace I have with myself! Not the friend drama “ he said she said” mess… not the family drama, no kids drama! None! N-O-N-E none! We often make excuses for all the problems we invite into our lives “but it’s family!”, “I’ve known her forever, she’s my “friend”” and “They’re just kids”. Most of the time, that’s what causes us to have those unhappy moments, yet we invite so much of it into our lives that it becomes a constant and we don’t realize that all of that drama has become a cluster of unhappy moments. I have always tried to take on everyone’s issues, even though I can do absolutely nothing about it…but in my head, all the drama and issues that were brought to me became my issues…NOT ANYMORE!

It was super hard at first! I still wanted to take every issue and fix it! I struggled! Hell, I still struggle with it sometimes! I just knew I had to take action. So, I did. First, I had to identify what and who the drama was! I didn’t ignore or completely block them out of my life but I started to filter the amount of access they had to me. If I knew they were calling and it’s usually some mess… I didn’t answer right away (sounds harsh to some, but necessary for self preservation). Usually if it’s important, you’ll get a call and when you don’t answer, they’ll leave a voicemail or they will text you right away. That “text/voice message” will tell you, if a conversation is necessary or not. If there isn’t one, well, Respond accordingly!

Filtering what you listen too, what you watch and what you read was another necessity . I started to remove all negative and drama filled anything! If it was mean and not motivating or had anything to do with positivity, it was gone! I waved goodbye to all negative Nancies on social media, said goodbye to unhealthy tv shows that I watched because the content was so drama filled and started replacing it with the things that I felt lifted me higher! I joined a couple of groups on Facebook, one that promoted fitness and health, another that promoted recipes and new things to try and even started my own group “The Group”. 

We all talk about the “glow up” and often see people living this way and we wonder how they got there. I can’t speak for everyone, but taking my own advice, understanding my unhappy moments and what I needed to do to get out of that headspace launched me into this wonderful group of outgoing, loving, inspirational and uplifting women! Where we all have come together to share our experiences, our love and our ups and downs to make us better women moving forward!

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