Full Speed a “Head Wrap”

Hey! Hey! Hey Sistas! This month we are letting nature take its course, and staying in our lane. LOL. We all know the common phrase “April Showers” right? But rain doesn’t have to stop us from living our best life. But how? So glad ya’ll asked. Ya’ll so inquisitive. Ha! Ha! I propose one of the most versatile accessories….a head wrap! 

First, you should decide on your OOTD, or you can decide on the print for your headwrap. But Tiff, I don’t own a headwrap or know where to get one. No problemo. You can simply grab/purchase a scarf in a print you love. If you plan on covering your entire head you will want your scarf to be about 28″ x 28″. 

Second, decide on your OOTD, and put it on. If you have a heavy make-up hand you will want to wear a robe over your OOTD, so you can stay “so fresh, and so clean-clean”.  You don’t want to get your headwrap perfect and mess it up. (I speak from experience.) 

 Third, If you  wear make-up you will want to do that next. FYI bold lips look amazing with headwraps. So if you have been saving that bold lippe, pull it out sista! 

 Fourth, you will want to make sure the hair around the edge of your face is brushed down, secured, and those edges are laid! 

Fifth, you will need to decide on which way you’d like to tie your scarf. There are tons of ways to tie your scarf. In this article I will show you five ways. 

And Last…take selfies…duh! If you try out any of these looks please tag us @thegroup.media! We’d love to see those sista selfies! As always…you don’t have to spend all those coins to look your best.



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