Girls Night Out

Are you and the girls looking for a fun affordable girls night out? I have just the itinerary and get this.. It doesn’t include starting the night at 11pm!

Meet at the trendy Fashion Show Mall at 3PM for El Dorado Cantina’s Happy Hour. Happy hour is published 3-5pm. After you eat you can walk around the mall and shop. If you aren’t looking to shop much you can walk the Las Vegas Strip instead. Either direction you head, you can’t go wrong. Something my girls and I love is DESSERT. Yes, us girls can and will eat what we want when we want! If you are interested in trying an alcohol infused milkshake.. YES, alcohol infused head over to Black Tap at The Venetian which is directly across from the Fashion Show Mall. There are so many fun things to do and it is all within walking distance. Remember to stay safe and call an uber or lyft if you’ve had too many drinks!

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