Goal Setting and Accountability

 Are you dreading the new year believing it will just be the same as the last one, or maybe you are excited and hopeful for the new year but unsure how you will make it any different than the last. Well for starters lets just nix two things

 1. Making resolutions

 2. Making goals.

Okay that probably makes no sense but think about it for a second. Every year we have detailed lists of how we are going to tackle and dominate all these things. We have not one thought, step or process of how we will get there. For starters lets take the “S” off resolutions and the “S” off goals. Just choose 1 thing! I mean one, one idea, one goal just one. Now “Decide” to accomplish that one thing.

The word decide according to Merriam-Webster is to make a final choice or judgement or to select as a course of action. “De” as a prefix means “off or from” and “cide” as the root is to “kill” or “slay”. I like to focus on slay. When we slay that look or slay a style then we own it and make it ours. There is a famous story of a young boy named David slaying a giant that everyone feared. Everyone said it could not be done and he was even mocked for thinking he could slay that giant. He was told what to do and how to dress, what armor to wear. He was advised by a great king but truthfully that king feared the giant too. How many times are we listening to everything around us and try to do what everyone else does only to fail and sometimes miserably.

 We get frustrated because A, B, C worked for them, but it is not working for us. Maybe everyone is telling you that you are doing it wrong, but you are doing it “their way” to the best of “your” ability.  It is time for you to DECIDE what you want this year. Decide to gain muscle, decide to loose weight , decide to get up early, decide to start that business, decide to leave him, or decide to work hard to see the relationship through, decide to eat healthy, decide to put yourself first sometimes, decide to give of yourself a little more. Whatever you genuinely want DECIDE to accomplish it. Whether it is a goal, or a resolution DECIDE. “Kill off” those toxic anchors holding you back from your God-given abilities to be the Amazing person you were created to be. Anchors can be people, places, environments, social circles or even mind sets. Now you know for 2021 the first thing you need to do is choose one thing and “Decide” to make it happen. Did you know that you were created for a purpose and no matter what season you are in YOU CAN GROW! Focus on that one thing! It will take steps to get to the goal but just take it one step at a time and be consistent.  

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