Hold Onto Your Hope

As we enter the second month of the second half of the year I can’t help but smile a little hard. There have been some challenges but my goodness, there have been just as many, perhaps even more so wins. Here in Las Vegas, the temperatures have been extremely hot. I mean my vehicle read 135 degrees one day in June. What do you do with that? I have friends and family in various parts of the country that ask me why in the world, would I want to live in the desert. If I am being honest there are some days I ask the same question to myself. Then after a deep breath I remember, this is home, and I can always move or I can learn how to live here and make it benefit me and my family.

Life situations can be seen in the same manner. When we find ourselves in situations that are difficult or challenging, we can choose to adapt to the situation or not. We can also turn away from the situation or alter it completely. This may mean leaving behind familiar and stepping into hope. Hope has promise, Hope has a purpose, Hope inspires freedom. The challenge with holding on to “Hope” is, that it’s not visible with the natural eye.

Hope is a feeling you can hold to. It is an undeniable feeling that can be given to others and it grows beautifully in the place it is planted. I mentioned earlier there are challenges in living in the desert. One challenging experience is growing in the desert. It’s hot, water is limited and if you miss a day it can damage a whole season of growing. However, if you have hope of seeing fruit in what you are planting, as well as apply the work for it to grow consistently, it will grow. Life tends to work much in the same way, regardless of the challenges we all face, there is always the possibility of a sweeter life. One bitter component of life can be time. Time to make a change, time to let go, time to grow, and even time to move away from the familiar things that are poisoning the better life that lies ahead for you.

When we step out on faith with Hope, we can find a world of possibility that is ripe for the picking. We have overcome many of the growing challenges we faced last year. We have an opportunity to see life in a new unrestricted view. That’s not to say that everything is over in the way of difficulties in life. I am just reminding you that when things get hot, don’t quit. Push hard to get through, cool off, re-strategorize and take the next step. If you have had a rough start this year, guess what? It’s alright, we are in the second and last half of the year now and you can STILL finish strong. I’m glad you had a chance to read this even if it was a quick skim, I pass on to you HOPE! Hope to persevere and carry on the dream and vision of peace for your future. From now on no matter how challenging things get, how far away the finish line may seem, keep on moving forward in good spirit. Great things will come in due season.

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