How Do I Start?

 How do I start, How do I stay the course!

First you need a goal, you need to know your why, and you need time management, self-love and also accountability.  If you need help or any more info on any of these topics please read my previous articles, send me a question!

Creating that initial goal is essential and where it all starts. When we are at the point of making a goal we have accepted and acknowledged that we need or want a change and can try to take steps towards making it come to life.  Do we want to lose ten pounds? Maybe gain weight, do we want to build muscle or strength, do we want to feel more energized? etc.

Next is the why. The reason why we decided to make a change is extremely important, it can provide us focus and help hold us accountable on the days when we may not feel the motivation. No one is motivated all the time even the people who seem like they have it all together.  When we “don’t feel like it” and all those excuses start to creep into our minds we can quickly silence them by reminding ourselves why we started to begin with and keep pushing through. Are we doing this to show our kids a good example, do we want to look better in the mirror, maybe our doctor gave us a wakeup call and we realized we aren’t as healthy as we need to be.

Start slow, there is no reason to try to rush this process. The results are not going to show up overnight, it is going to take time and consistency so let’s not overload ourselves and burn out quickly. We need to start slow with a manageable plan of action, many gyms offer a free first session with a personal trainer; make sure you take advantage of this benefit. You can ask questions, get pointers. You will either learn with a few new tricks and some additional info or maybe you will decide you would like to hire a trainer for the added benefit of the great workouts and extra accountability.

Next we can begin to create a balanced routine, something we can fit into our lifestyle now without a huge strain. We all have different lives, different priorities, and different goals.  If we go from not working out to trying to add in long two hour strenuous sessions there is no way we will stick to that long term, we will burn out fast and not accomplish our goals. Instead again start slow, there is no reason anyone needs to be adding in two hour sessions to start out ( now if you have super aggressive goals you can work up to that as you go)  many of my clients I have on a thirty minute routine four or five days a week to start out. Once that is manageable and apart of the new norm we review goals again and see if we need to make any changes.  You can definitely get in an AMAZING workout in that short amount of time.

Lastly we need to make sure we are allowing our bodies to recover properly between workouts.  The rest and recovery days we take are just as important as the days we spend working out. Recovery includes sleep, stretching, hydration, and sometimes supplements ( any questions on supplements also please comment to ask me about, as these can also be overwhelming but don’t need to be). A body that isn’t allowed to recovery properly will not perform at its best!

So, to wrap this up, don’t overthink it. There is so much info out there. Set a goal and take small manageable steps towards accomplishing it and never give up. Seek help whether it be reaching out here via comment or speaking to a trainer at your gym for that free starter session. And remember it doesn’t have to be this huge added weight to your routine it should be something easy to incorporate so it lasts and can become part of your new lifestyle long term.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found some helpful hints!

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