I Get It From My Momma

Hey Sista Mommas!!! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers who have birthed children, adopted children, step in as a mother to a child, sibling, have accepted the title of God Mother, or have fur babies! I celebrate and salute you. And to all of my sistas that have a mother or child that now has their wings, I am sending you peace and comfort. I am reminding you that they are looking down at you smiling and saying, ” I’m so proud of the woman she has become” or ” I always knew you were SuperWoman Momma!” 

For this month’s fashion we will focus on looks for mommas! For the mommas that have those days, weeks, or sometimes even months where our daily routine consists of: 

(1)  I have brushed my teeth.

(2) I have washed my face. 

(3) I have showered. 

(4) I have cleaned my house. 

(5) I have cleaned my child(ren). 

(6) I have made breakfast, lunch, dinner. 

(7) I have helped with homework. 

(8) I am exhausted and get to do this all over tomorrow! 

Really sis?! It’s just me?! Hmmmm…ok. Go ahead and continue to sit there with your judge-y unicorn mom self then. Ha! Ha! But when you return to reality this article will be here waiting on you… (Yup! I said it!) Anywho, I thought it would be fun to do Boy Mom looks. I’m biased, I have a son. LOL. These mom and son shirts can be purchased at Ross, WalMart, or Burlington. You can also have them made at your local t-shirt shop, or you can make them yourself should you have a cricut or t-shirt press machine. If you go this route, I found it cheaper to purchase your own t-shirts at WalMart or your local craft store. There were a lot more shirts for mothers, and I had to customize the shirts for my son-shine. After having purchased or customized the shirts, simply throw on coordinating jeans, sweats, or shorts; and wa-la! Twinsies! LOL

Ok. Ok. I heard you Girl Moms. Hee Hee. Follow the same example with the t-shirts, or take it a step further with matching dresses, rompers, or headbands! Wa-la you are now twinsies! You’re welcome. LOL

It’s simply about having fun, creating memories, and selfies with your minis. Before you know it, they are all grown up. Remember, you don’t have to use major coins to create style! 



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