Let’s Talk about Nutrition

Hey friends, new month new article. Let’s talk about something that is so related to health and fitness, but often times is overlooked or overshadowed by the workout of the physical part.  The physical workouts are very important however for most individuals you cannot outwork poor nutrition. Some people find eating healthy to be easy however for the majority of us (me included). It is very hard and can be super overwhelming. There are a million “diets” out there, which one do you choose? What diet is good for your friend or neighbor may not be the one that works for you…so where do you even start?

Well, first of all let’s start small. As to not get overwhelmed with a whole lifestyle uproot right off the bat.  What can you eliminate and replace from your current diet that won’t completely throw you through a loop? Remember, we want this change to be sustainable in order to be a long term thing, not just something you do for a month or two then fall back to the old unhealthier ways.  Some small changes may be…  Do you drink more than one soda per day? Can you limit yourself to one diet soda and add in more water? If you only drink one soda now, can you cut it and replace it with a healthier beverage, maybe a sparkling water? It’s all about the small tweaks that we can change that all add up in the big picture.  Slowly incorporating healthier options is more realistic than a complete overhaul at once that will lead to “cheating” and giving up. 

There are a few small things we can all do that make a big impact on health, one of them is to start taking a multi-vitamin with your breakfast. A good multi vitamin is an excellent way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs and is most likely lacking without added calories.  Also add a calcium supplement if you don’t get 1,000 mg per day via diet. And add an omega-3 supplement if you don’t eat fish 2x’s per week.

  • A couple more things to focus on rather than trying to incorporate a complete new diet overhaul at once is to focus on adding more vegetables, fruit, whole grains and fat free/low fat dairy. Limiting saturated and trans fat, sodium, and added sugars as much as possible. Making sure you are eating plenty of lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts, and also controlling portion sizes.  (Portion size guide if you want to avoid measuring at each meal will be about the size of your fist for a female and 2 fists for a male) something else to consider that will add extra unnecessary calories to your meals that add up over time are the things we cook our food in, try to use olive or canola oil to cook in rather than butter. Eat high(er) protein after your workout to feed and grow muscles. Remember beverage calories add up, Drink a lot of water. 

Now I cannot tell anyone what they should do, what will 100% work for them (as we are all different, and different bodies and conditions require different eating habits) so, always consult your doctor or a registered dietician prior to listening to any advice.  Howeveras a starting point as long as your doctor hasn’t advised otherwise,  3 meals per day plus 2 to 3 snacks – snacks will depend on hunger and nutritional needs could be a good starting point to make sure nutrition goals are being met at each meal and at the end of the day

Possible Breakfast Ideas:   our bodies need carbs for energy so again as long as your doctor hasn’t advised otherwise you can try to eat most of your carbs in this meal, early in the day so your body can use them and burn them as energy throughout your day. 

-protein waffle/pancakes add berries (use Peanut butter as a topping instead of syrup)

-egg, spinach, peppers, lean protein of choice Scramble, add cheese and other veggies you like 

-bagel w/ Greek yogurt and berries 

-oatmeal.. You can add fruit, flax and chia seeds (healthy fats) (overnight oats)

Possible Lunch Ideas:

-kale and red cabbage w/ toasted almond salad (add lean protein of choice) 

-lentil and vegetable soup

-egg and avocado sandwich ( whole grain bread) add spinach or other veggies you like 

Possible Dinner Ideas:

-fatty fish ex. Salmon w/ rice pilaf or sweet potato and broccoli or asparagus or artichoke 

-vegetable stir fry (add lean protein of choice)

-chicken burrito bowl with rice and beans 

Possible Snack ideas:

Protein shake (choc,banana, Peanut butter) (strawberry banana) *add any fruit to your protein shake mix

Edmame ( high in protein snack)

Nuts (pecans, walnuts, healthy fats and antioxidant)

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