Listen to Your Body

Who has ever heard the phrase “No pain, no gain” or “push through the pain” during a workout class or training session or just from a friend in passing at the gym? I think we all probably have but I want to make sure we all know that these phrases do not apply to if you have an actual injury.  We need to make sure we are listening to our bodies at all times.  There is a difference between a muscle burning the last few reps of your set and actually hurting yourself to the point of lasting injury. Not quitting when a workout gets a bit uncomfortable is necessary to make progress however if you know you have a knee injury for example and you are having a pain in that area that you know isn’t normal you need to stop immediately, you can try to modify the movement to take the stress off that area or stop altogether and see a medical professional for further help but always listen your body and don’t mistake these phrases to mean continue the movement at any cost.

Recovering after a workout is just as important as the workout itself. We must allow our bodies to return to homeostasis- the body’s healthy, stable state, between workouts so that we can improve. Allowing for recovery helps against injury, allows our bodies to heal itself and prepare for the next workout. Without recovery our goals will slow or stop altogether.

Working too hard without adequate recovery is called overtraining and this can led to unnecessary stress on the body, injury to bones, muscles and joints from overuse, and can ultimately cause extreme fatigue and will negatively affect your performance and progress towards your goals.

Make sure you are scheduling yourself for rest days so that they are planned and you don’t have to feel guilty for not working out on those days. Sometimes your body may call for an additional rest day as well, allow your body to have that so that you can come back stronger the next day. Rest days will happen one way or another, you can either plan them and keep yourself healthy or your body will start to shut down and you will have an injury that will force you unable to workout for even longer. Remember to always push yourself during your workout but also listen to your body’s ques of muscle burn vs injury pain.

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