The Full Circle

Hey There, Remember when . . .

Your first child was born? You brought them home, wrapped in a beautiful blanket of appropriate color. You could not keep your eyes off of them. You snuggled, hugged, rocked and kissed them.

You bathed them, then soaked them in oil so they would have smooth skin. As you wiped the oil away the oil, you replaced it with baby powder, so they would smell good. You bought cute little outfits and dressed them, some- times 2 or 3 times a day. You just could not stop hugging and kissing—you even kissed the cute little feet!

As they grew, you continued to buy cute little outfits and continued the hugging and kissing. You played games like ’Peek-A-Boo’ and ’Patticake’. Later, you played ’hide and seek’. You taught them table manner and to say ’please’ and ’thank you’. Those were the good ole days! So why did you do all this? It’s called love.

Childhood turned into teen years. You became doctor, nurse, counselor, taxi driver, the maid, the cook and then the mom. You even put up with their attitudes and loyalty to friends—not family, all in the name of love.Later, as they became young adults, you’re still there but your role is supportive still in the name of love.

Then came the grandchildren. Oh my goodness!!! You get to do it all over again. These little people will melt Your heart. Now you can spoil the grands and allow them to do things their parents don’t allow them to do. We cook together, go shopping, go to lunch and the theater. Let me tell you, these little people take advantage of you and they will spend ALL of your money. It’s alright because it’s all in love.

And if you are fortunate, you get to meet the great-grands. Here we go again—kissing feet, making ice cream sodas, shopping, theater and having Tea Parties. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Hey—Wait a minute . . .

All of a sudden, you begin to notice something. Remember, those little cuties you brought from the hospital wrapped in a blanket? You know, the ones you cuddled, kissed and fed, the ones who were your live dolls . . .

Well, those little ’crumb snatchers’ are now GRANDPARENTS!!! And guess what—they think they are OUR parents! Our roles have reversed! Oh yes, they constantly advise and make decisions for us. They protect us from the virus. They attend our doctor’s appointments because they are concerned. They assist, direct and instruct us in the use of technology and they lavish us with gifts.

Why are they doing all of this? All in the name of love. Thank you, children. We are so grateful.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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