Hey ladies, things have been consistently moving in our lives this year! We set our first goal, and we are working diligently to achieve it. Remember, we decided on small steps. Now perhaps things have slowed up from the momentum you started with at the beginning of the year. Maybe you got a little off your routine and feel you are so far back from where you planned to be you are thinking to yourself, “why bother! Who was I kidding thinking I could be more than I was last year!” Something keeps telling you to stay comfortable, remain in that place of familiarity. Stay in that “Safe place.” Maybe the people you are surrounded by are content, and you feel like you shouldn’t ruffle feathers. Are you telling yourself,  “ You are not in a bad place, so quit complaining; your life is not that bad; people have it worse, you know.” Then you feel proud of yourself for “coming to your senses.” You are accepting the life you have chosen, and you are grateful for everything. You are LUCKY to have all you have, and it would be great if you could just have a little more luck on your side. Then maybe, just maybe, your life would be great. You could do what you want and live the life you really want to live.

Don’t believe for a second that luck will get you what you desire out of life, leading to your happiness. Seriously you are an individual, a custom-created masterpiece. The desires, thoughts, and unique experiences that you have encountered in your life are yours and yours alone. Even if someone went through the exact same situation as you, the way they would process it would be completely different. Relatable perhaps but different none the less. You need to get back on track, regain courage, and start again. What you need is not luck; it’s an OPPORTUNITY! Start looking for opportunities instead of lucky charms to lead you to fulfillment and purpose. Create environments that will breed opportunities.

Talk kindly to people, dismiss energy-draining interactions with negative people. Welcome learning and embrace truth and love. Start moving outside your circle of truth. If your book club is all about romance, maybe switch it over to autobiographies. If you are passionate about animals, try looking into a local shelter or a national agency. Maybe one in a small town and sow a seed. Perhaps the whole church thing is not for you, especially now. Still, you have kept your faith, or maybe you are curious about how to find a small group in your area or ask around. I am sure you are have seen someone who has stood out to you in a positive way you are curious about. Strike up a conversation and start creating moments that attract opportunities.

There are so many opportunities out in the world! So many opportunities in close proximity to you! Disagree with me, alright, that’s fine then, MOVE! I don’t mean address; I mean in your mind and thought process! If you are reading this article, you have access to the internet. If it’s a printout, make your way to a library. The point is those dreams you had at the beginning of the year, that goal you are working towards, they still matter and are still valid! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get moving, resume traction. Instead of looking for luck to change your life, start looking for an opportunity to create a miracle in it.

“The handful of opportunities you take for yourself today can be the basketful of opportunities you create for your children, your descendants, or anyone who is looking around for a miracle…..watching. Live with purpose, friends!”

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