March Madness

As spring is quickly approaching, interest rates are still pretty low. You still have time to purchase your new home, refinance or even do a loan modification on your current home. 

With the pandemic going on, lenders are still pretty lenient to current and future homeowners. Each month brings something new, but what we can say is that the pandemic and COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime time soon. One thing is certain, home prices are steady rising and buyers, realtors and sellers are seeing multiple offers on properties. Which ultimately creates a bidding war, which sellers love. And may the best offer win! 

As we all know real estate is one of the biggest and best investments you can make not just for yourself but for your family and even business. Assets are everything these days!

    I know what you’re thinking, we’re in a pandemic, is now a good time to buy? I don’t think I make enough, or I’m just simply afraid. The best way to look at it is… how long have you been paying someone else’s mortgage (as in renting)? Why continue to pay someone else’s mortgage when you can pay for your own? Once you sit down and calculate how much rent you’ve been paying over the years for someone else’s property, it may just hit you.

I also understand that buying a home is a huge commitment, but you must remember it’ll be yours! And sure, there may be some stipulations on not being able to sell within the first few years depending on if you used any buying programs. That still isn’t a huge deal, because that property is all yours! Feel free to google “today’s interest rates” and even use a mortgage calculator to figure out basic numbers. It’s so important that we start thinking long term and that includes investing in our family and ourselves.

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