Measure Up!

Holding ourselves accountable and giving ourselves credit are two of the hardest things to do in this life. There is a fine line between setting standards, making sure we meet them and beating ourselves up when we fall a little short. There needs to be a goal in place where we celebrate steps in the right direction! Even if we don’t meet the full goal each day if we are making progress we deserve that self-recognition. We need to make sure we don’t lose sight of our goals, we need to remember and remind ourselves why we created the goal in the first place to help us with that accountability. But at the same time not allow ourselves to be so hard on ourselves when we maybe don’t measure up to the expectation of what we thought that end result looked like. Maybe we never even reach the end… and that’s ok.  We need to be open to the idea that maybe it’s not going to end up looking exactly how we pictured it. Things can change along the way, our viewpoints, our thought process, our situations, and we then have to alter the goals, or the routes we take to reach them, That’s OK!! We deserve recognition, compassion, and happiness and those things are all hard to have when we are too focused on what we weren’t able to accomplish rather than giving ourselves credit for what we did accomplish! Focus on small step in the right direction, rather than overwhelming yourself with the big picture right away! Stay focused and enjoy the journey; you are strong, capable and deserve great things!!

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