Merry & Bright

You are not alone. In a season of cheer and Merry be bright it can be a time where the most “popular” person can feel isolated and alone. So many reminders of holidays and togetherness but at your core maybe you are like I don’t feel it. Don’t worry you really are not alone. It is okay to not feel okay at times and its perfectly healthy to take some time alone but three signs that you need to find a consistent anchor in your life are listed below.

  1. If you feel very drained and emotional fatigued and have no one you are comfortable to confide in. ( This can be a friend, a clergy, pastor or spiritual advisor or a licensed professional) We live in a day and age where help is truly a click away. You can meet in person or virtually.

2. You have people who are reaching out to you but you are constantly turning your phone off, ignore, not answering the door or dismissing common day routine and goals. Again taking a day or two to just mellow out is fine but a lethargic lifestyle is lethal. If you are having trouble finding that routine and consistency take it hour by hour one day at a time. Also Ideal time to fine an accountability partner. That may be a person you know personally or find your big inspiration on your social online platform. If they are consistently showing up for you, retain the knowledge and use it to grow.

3. You just cant put your finger on it. Hello babe, hear me on this…. It’s a tough one to really connect with but I assure you it is absolutely foundation for the success and existence of life. You must nurture you spirit man. For my ladies who prefer, your spirit woman. The spirit is what speaks to our heart, our minds and consciousness. For me I draw spiritual strength from the Holy Spirit. It is who I consider the great comforter. I can always explain but I feel it. I also know that others feel it around me, when I have been nurturing it. So the ways I feed my spirit is by reading my bible and spending time and prayer alone as well as with others. But individual is especially critical you see. Many times how our spirit grows and matures is widely determined through our life experiences and those around us. Where the Holy Spirit comes in is a strength and comfort to remove or adjust those spiritual weights that hold us from our possibilities of greatness, the abilities to accept, experience or distribute love. Love is by far an incredible emotion but it means so much for so many people. On thing that many, not all but many can agree on is that healthy love make you feel accepted, desired and secure. I believe the Holy Spirit offers each person that sees after Him the feeling of acceptance, the security of resolution or peace and the feeling of knowing YOU alone are worthy sacrificing His Carnal body for.

So often so much love is tried to be explained by this is right and this is wrong but Agape love is never wrong. If you have experienced a wound and rejected by a person or mans ideology of you being so far gone or removed from experiencing peace and joy I want to tell you, you are not. You are also not alone spiritually, if you are curious about replenishing strength spiritually you can read Psalms 46 and I suggest amplified version or new English translation. Unless you adore GOT or any other medieval or renaissance type shows, vocabulary King James may not be your preferred reading. Psalms and Proverbs are generally pretty digestible. Even in your reading use that time to speak out. Holy Spirit guide my heart and mind as I read this, allow it to heal and equip me in a way that I move forward in the good things you have for me. Shield me from the things that seek to cause me harm. Amen

I know this is a little different and I missed you all recently but SISTER, BROTHER, AND THOSE WHO MAY NOT SIGN WITH EITHER YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE VALUED AND YOU ARE NEEDED IN THIS WORLD. Find where you can give and belong and watch your spirit being begin to wake up. There are many agencies that need your help today.

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