Powerful Thoughts

Do you realize and believe that you are awesome?  Do you realize that your thoughts about yourself matter?  Do you realize that your thoughts of negativity about yourself rob you of your potential?  When you tell yourself, you can’t, you begin to fully accept it by believing it.  When you think you’re not enough, when you think you don’t have what it takes, and that you’re not strong enough, or any other negative thought about yourself, you are opening the door to self-limitations that last longer than the thoughts.  

I had a revelation some time ago about how powerful my thoughts are.  Without much intention and with zero accountability to myself I was thinking negative things about myself and my abilities and before long, I bought into the myth that I was not enough.  At that moment, I had this thought, if I walked into a room and someone was voicing the thoughts that I had about myself to someone else, I would immediately confront them about how harsh and unkind they were being.  Yet, I allowed my negative thoughts about myself to go unchecked.  My daughter calls this a solo mini crisis in her brain.

So, imagine if you turned those negative thoughts about yourself into positive thoughts?  Instead of, “I can’t”, it was “I can”!  What if you begin thinking you ARE enough and you HAVE what it takes, because YOU are what it takes?  What if you contradicted those thoughts that you’re not strong enough, with thoughts of, I am strong enough?  I tend to think that you would enjoy yourself more when you are encouraging yourself and not defeating yourself, because that’s how thinking good and positive thoughts about myself makes me feel.  It changes how I see myself and it affects how I see others and how I react to situations.  It lightens my load.

Good and pleasing thoughts about yourself can bring healing in you.  According to mayoclinic.org, it’s been proven that positive thoughts help with stress management and can even improve your health.  Thinking positively about yourself can boost your self-image and promote a happier life.  

Your thoughts are the main ingredient of everything that happens in your life, so remember that not all thoughts are equal.  I have battled this area in my life for quite some time and accepting that I am the only one responsible for my thoughts has allowed me to become more aware and intentional in identifying the ANT’s, (Any Negative Thoughts) about myself and strive to correct them with pleasantry thinking.  It’s not vanity, it’s self-love, and we will all benefit from that!

Prayer:  help me to be aware of how I think about myself.  May I learn to turn all the ANT’s into positive and encouraging thoughts and may I remember I am a work in progress, and that’s a good thing!

You Grow Girl!

Mantra for the month – open the Bible and intentionally memorize a bible verse this month:

“I praise You, for I am awesomely, wonderfully made!
Wonderful are Your works—
and my soul knows that very well.”

Psalm 139:14 (Tree of Life Version)

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