School Daze


September always takes me back to my school days.  School shopping was exciting – new dresses, skirts and blouses, sox and oxfords – the next supply of clothes would come at Christmas.

No backpacks – there were other types of “book bags or satchels” available.  We walked to school and carried our lunch in a brown paper bag.  Once I got to Junior High School (7 – 9th grade) I rode the bus to school and we had a cafeteria where we were served in stoneware dishes.  There was always a bowl of soup and a salad along with our entree and milk. There were also adults present who made sure we ate everything on our tray. In addition, we had the Hash Lines where we could buy juice and snacks during the nutrition period.

In speaking of the “golden rule,” I don’t think it is even mentioned in schools anymore, in fact, I doubt if the younger teachers know what it is. The “Golden Rule” says, “Treat (or speak to) OTHERS the way you want them to treat (or speak to) YOU.”  

Our grades were divided into semesters. The first semester was “B” and the second semester was “A.” For example, you entered B1 and the next semester you would be in A1. This continued through all grades until you graduated from A12.

In Junior High, specifically in 7th grade, all girls were required to take a sewing class in B7. We were required to make an apron and a gym bag. We were taught the basic sewing techniques – basting and how to use a sewing machine. (The boys were required to take shops.) We made the gym bags to take our gym clothes (including tennis shoes) home for cleaning on Friday and for inspection and grading on Monday.  The apron was for our cooking class which was required in A7 (the next semester)

Female students, nor teachers were not allowed to were pants to school. As a matter of fact, women didn’t wear pants in general, only to the park or beach or maybe a family barbecue. Neither did we wear tennis shoes. Female teachers had to wear high heel closed in shoes. Girls wore sox and black/white or Brown/white oxfords. In high school there were other styles of closed in shoes available to us. A favorite style was the ‘Bunny Ears.’

Also, in high school, girls wore full skirts with lots of petticoats under them. A favorite was the ‘Poodle Skirt,’ a full felt skirt with a big felt poodle appliqué with lots of petticoats, often matching the color of the poodle appliqué. We were really dressed in our poodle skirts and bunny ears shoes!!! We, also, wore the pencil skirts with our sox.


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