Self Talk

We are our only constants in life. We are the only person who will always be with us and forever. We have to be with ourselves 24/7; we have no choice in the mater. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually liked the person we had to be with all the time?

Hi again friends, let’s talk about being kind. It’s so easy to be kind to those around us but why aren’t we always kind to ourselves?  We would never speak to anyone else the way we speak to ourselves sometimes.  I know my article/contribution is supposed to be about Fitness, and you may be thinking how is being kind fitness related? Well, I think it is. People start out in fitness for many reasons but I think it’s safe to say for the most part people start because we want to look and also feel better. Really all the choices we make in life impact other areas more than we even realize. The way we speak to ourselves really can cross over and affect other areas of ourselves, our relationships with others, our emotions, possibly even our jobs and hobbies.

I have been through a lot in my life as I’m sure you have as well, we all have a story. I have had to work hard and I have had to go it alone, I have also had lots of help along the way. I have been lifted up and I have been kicked while I was down and sometimes by the same people/person. Sometimes it was me.

Throughout my journey of life, fitness included I have grown, changed even, I have learned a lot about myself, other people, human nature and the types of people I want around me. There is a saying that says something along the lines of you don’t meet people by accident they are either placed in your path for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  When you think about that we are the only person that will be with us for a lifetime so wouldn’t it be nice if we could be nice to ourselves. Give ourselves break when we need one, appreciate ourselves and what we do, not be too hard on ourselves all the time. I mean if we said some of the things we say to ourselves behind closed doors to a friend there is no way they would want to come around us again.

This is so hard in real life. I have said some horrible things to myself just this week; even if it’s just a thought we can still always hear it. My friends or family if they were in a similar situation than me I would be the first to pep them up, tell them they got this, that they are beautiful and strong. I would never call them worthless or lazy, so why do I think its ok to say those things to myself. Why are we so hard on ourselves when we know we deserve grace?

We have to be more intentional with our self-talk, let’s apologize to ourselves and give ourselves more credit this month. Let’s stand in front of the mirror, really look at ourselves each night and say “GOOD JOB”!  This month will carry over into next and hopefully soon we will be filling ourselves up with the positivity and kindness we deserve!

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