Bold, Bright, Spring

 “Spring Hoop-la and Fringe Benefits”

Yaaaasss! Spring is finally on its way this month! So excited for pops of color and warmer weather. So what’s the easiest way to transition your look for Spring? So glad yall asked. LOL.  Accessories!!! There are several key pieces that you can use: 

(1) A colorful handbag (or add a colorful tassel or scarf to your favorite one)

(2) Chic sunglasses with hints of bright colors

(3) Colorful Shoes to match your bag

(4) Colorful Fringe Earrings

(5) Bling Hoops (C’mon you can never go wrong with hoops)

       Our focus for this month will be earrings. First up…Colorful fringe earrings. These are so fun! Pair them with a blazer and white tee for that Zoom call, your favorite long flowy dress, or an off the shoulder top. Bringing up the rear…Bling Hoops. You can grab these almost anywhere to the size and bling-wow of your liking. I prefer my hoops “large and in charge” and to have the bling-wow factor of a grammy! 

       You certainly don’t need to spend all of your coins for your Spring accessories. There are several places to grab inexpensive earrings. Check out your local boutiques, Rainbow, and WalMart. Put in the footwork, burn those calories not those coins! 



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