Springtime – There is nothing foolish about trying again

It’s that time again. There is a refreshing in the air and a peace that is waiting to embrace us and deliver us from a life of constant turmoil. Just as the animals are waking from their deep sleep, we should too. Breaking into a new year, we jump-started sprinting for possibilities and a goal. We overcame lost or misunderstood love. Last month many of you joined me in dropping our four-leaf clovers and grabbing our opportunities all around. If we didn’t see an opportunity, we created one! So now you have some momentum, but perhaps for some reason, you just haven’t broken that heaviness over you. Did you accept something someone said or did as your truth? Girlfriend, I got you! No need to feel foolish today or any other day. You do not wear a crown of Foolery, but a crown of Flair.

As you move forward even today after reading this article, Walkthrough your season and to the next. “There is a time and season for everything.”  My prayer for you is that as you move forward towards happiness, joy, change, and refinement, do not despise your seasons of sadness, tribulation, rest, or coarseness. These seasons are temporary as you grow and may be necessary to bring about change. These seasons may appear to be cyclic. Be vigilant and mindful of the patterns and cycles in your life. You can seek about AND make a change. You can try again for a new beginning.  Remember, it is springtime, a time of new growth and blossoming; there is nothing foolish about trying again and moving into a new and beautiful season of growth. Your past DOES NOT have to dictate your future. Some seeds grow slow, and some blossoms bloom late, but in order to be beautiful, that seed must grow and blossom in season.

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