Summer Body

Happy October Friends! The weather is finally cooling off and it officially fall! Soon it will be winter which means the holidays are coming. For some of us (ME) this means lots of excuses. This time of year is always busy and stressful in some way. If you’re anything like me you will use this as an excuse to eat like crap and skip out on workouts and not focus on our fitness. We have shopping to do, cooking, many of us will be asked to work overtime at jobs, kids have more holiday school events, there’s just a lot going on and the first thing we always tend to neglect is ourselves. We will say we are too busy too tired or just feel guilty spending the time on us instead of doing something for someone else.

I have a challenge for you… let’s start these “summer bodies” NOW!!! It’s easy to wait till January first and make a new year’s resolution, but let’s be honest how many resolutions have you made that actually stuck. Let’s challenge ourselves to start now, start forming good habits and take this time to really practice. This also gives us an extra four months to really make improvements to our health and fitness, to our bodies and minds.  I know it seems weird to focus on a summer body right now as we come out of the summer season but think about it… most of the time when we start to think about ourselves in a bathing suit for the summer it’s too late to actually make a change, if we start now we are ready!!! This isn’t just about how we look; this is about how we feel and how we are able to perform.

I’m not talking about huge changes; I’m talking about small tweaks to our everyday routine that is manageable and realistic. We add or modify a few small things and we can add from there as we get more comfortable. Add in more water and take a 30 minute walk then when we are feeling good with that turns into eating more veggies and adding in some sit-ups, pushups or weights. Most gyms will also give you a free session with a trainer too if you ask or use the buddy system and motivate a friend.  Make it fun but let’s start now. There’s no better time than right now to start feeling better about fitness!

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