Summer Vibes

“Every summer has a story” | Unknown

This year, Memorial Day is on Monday, May 31 and is the unofficial psychological kick-off to the summer season.  Aww yeah! – Welcome to Summer 2021 – where the days are long and sun drenched, and the nights are warm and starlit. The flip flops are flopping, and the sunglasses are in place. The air smells of swimming pools and meals on the grill and VACA-tions are being planned.

This will be my first summer living in SoCal. The first thing that comes to mind is no snow boots, no puffy coats and no shoveling snow! I have spent many, many, did I say many years living in a much colder climate. In South Dakota, summer makes you long for it, lament for it and fight through several frigid months for it. Here in California, I’m noticing that’s not the case – summer is more approachable and friendly! I am eagerly anticipating feel-good summer vibes this year.

For some folks, summer is the best time of the year because there are so many reasons to get together and laugh, and people appear to be much happier in the summer sun. It’s like an invisible gate has been opened that invites people to indulge in some of their favorite things they’ve been unable to do all winter.

Seasons are an integral part of God’s design for the earth—and for people. It seems that God in His wisdom punctuated all of life with seasons. And just as punctuation marks add meaning and variety to written communication, causing the reader to pause for understanding, accelerate with excitement or end abruptly at the conclusion, so seasons bring necessary meaning and variety to our lives.

Without seasons, can you imagine what life would be like if it were merely one long day? One sameness?

The wise man of Ecclesiastes declares, “To everything there is a season” (Eccl. 3:1). In nature there is a progression from winter to spring to summer to fall. In our lives, too, there is a progression of change from one season to another. As surely as seasons direct the course of nature, so they direct the courses of our lives.  Understanding and accepting this can bring peace and understanding.

In every season you experience, now or in the future, you can take assurance that God orchestrates each. There’s lessons and blessings in every season.

I hope you enjoy great summer vibes,

Pastor Julie ☀️

Mantras for the season

– I cannot pray away a season. Each season has an allotted God-ordained time.

– Some seasons last longer than others  

– We cannot force a season to change, we are not able to make it different than it is

– Seasons will change. God will not.

– To everything there is a season

– All seasons will be beautiful. The season that you are in now may not seem beautiful, however in fullness of time, it will produce beauty.  

Prayer for the season | God, help me to endure and thrive. May I learn and love through every season and be reminded of the promises and blessings.

When is the last time you intentionally memorized a bible verse? I invite you to commit Romans 8:28 to memory this season | And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.”(New International Version)

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