The Fall Season Has Arrived

The fall season has fully arrived! I always appreciate the autumn, it reminds me that it’s time to slow down a little. Time to reassess where I am in the year. Review what I have accomplished and perhaps, strategize what goals I may have missed. As I slow down I begin to see how much growth has occurred for me in a year. I realize those areas I thought were stagnant or that I felt I missed by a landslide I actually have learned quite a bit. Naturally in the growing season, fall is often the time that many people collect their harvest. Everything they have work hard for all year is ready to be pulled up, stored, preserved and kept for winter. Winter can be mild and beautiful. It can be a time of fun in the snow playing with friends and love ones. The other side of winter is cold and harsh. I causes little to no access to the resources or plan life we see in warmer month. In the harvest season it should be a time to collect and recognize all you have achieved, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor without stress and most certainly without guilt of taking time for yourself.  However your year has been I encourage you to take a deep breath and slow down a little. If you find yourself off course that fine. Use this time to strategize and plan for your next season and year. Maybe dial back your expectations if you feel you came way below your goal mark. This doesn’t matter if it’s a personal goal or professional one. Human life consist of seasons and cycles. Commit to providing yourself with the best nurturing for your mind, body and spirit. What do you feel you should tweak a little bit. Remember we are in slow down mode, a slower pace. We are thinking of changes and initial about moving in those changes for the new season. We are not doing anything drastic, we are appreciating and giving gratitude to what we have done. We are recognizing out worth and owning every good seed we planted this year. Whether it produced a harvest or not. When a gardener sees the crop is not great he doesn’t necessarily through it out, he tries what did produce and discovers new ways to grow better for the next season.

You are so close to the end of the year, maybe you missed a few goals. One thing delayed does not cancel every good thing you have achieved. Take a deep breath and breath in the fall season, that spicy air that says slow down. Be grateful and continue to look ahead for what you are planting. What you plant will grow in due season. Plant the dream, cultivate the dream and nurture the dream until it’s time to harvest it. Take time to love on yourself, you are deserving of love. As you do, you will begin to see new things transpire all around you. You will begin to see your harvest seasons  aligning to more of what you say you want. It’s amazing what a little slow down can do for your whole being. Let us know how you plan to slow down a bit this fall. Are you strategizing more or reflecting on the many great things you have done through out the year? Let us know in the comments how you embrace the fall season. 

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