The Importance of Friendships

Aside from the business aspect of things, we have to make sure we are in order. Family, friends and acquaintances play a bigger part in all of this. There’s nothing like having true friends and a true partner in your corner. People that you can count on no matter what. Whether it’s your best friend, significant other, or maybe even both. Friendships are important because they help us deal with stress and even make us make better life decisions. That’s what I love about “The Group”. We are a diverse group of ladies that have come together to empower not just other women, but ourselves. With several different personalities we still mesh together well. Being able to share each other’s life experiences whether it’s from the past and/or present without being judged is everything. During group events we laugh, cry, joke and sometimes even swear, but non the less we always have a great time. We all enjoy having our wine and listening to a great r&b playlist. Even if one of us is feeling down, we manage to pick each other back up. But hey, that’s what friends are for, not only to motivate but to be your support system when needed. When you have proper relationships with your friends it allows you to grow longer and stronger with one another each year of your lives. Friendships also teach you how to trust, love, forgive, forget and the most important thing, patience. So, when you have true friends and even a true partner, value one another and the relationship that you all share. Because one day you’ll look up and that person will be gone!

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