The Process

Lately I have just felt so worn out. I mean I am still in my routine of getting those basic things done but it’s almost like a painful process most days. In hopes of shaking this weighted feeling I decided to just random begin to start talking to people again. Sounds bad huh? Well the truth is this whole year even with great ups and debilitating lows I was just on a level escalator. On for the ride, definitely moving but not advancing or reaching new heights. I decided this was not the ride for me and decided to get off a few weeks back. How can I change my current status, I don’t want to do anything drastic, or maybe I should. I decided like with anything else all outward change not only begins within, it requires a choice then an action. So the first random activity I did was attend a convention related to my career field. I dressed up a little bit, felt a little cute and stepped out. Hubby and kids would have to wait, today was about me.

The day out was incredible, I had the opportunity to meet and network with several people a couple who we have growing relationships. The next outside my box thing I did was buy a dress outside my typical comfort zone as a more conservative 40 year old mom. Don’t get it twisted I adore my girlfriends with the body cons and the body to boot but for so reason I get along just fine with my CK or HANES sweats. The dress made me feel brand new. Hubby’s eyes got big. One eye on me and the other at possible on lookers. My children giggled and gave me sweet accolades. Wow mom you look nice. Ill share, honestly I felt a bit shy, but I was comfortable and felt lovely.

As I began filling up my calendar with events for myself I realized how much I had neglected self for what I felt was better for my family. The truth is they are so happy seeing me build my business, attending women’s gatherings with my church ladies and even the occasional night out with friends. I am noticing a lot more date night with my husband now as opposed to just wanting to put him out.

My point in sharing my recent experiences are to suggest to you that if you feel isolated, alone or stuck, do something different. Something positive and safe but outside your comfort zone. Find that accountability partner to cheer you on and begin moving up. Remember your wild might be someone else’s super calm, that’s ABSOLUTELY OKAY! This is for YOU and YOUR advancement no one else’s. In January I have a microblading experience coming up, a bit nervous with the healing process and all but like growth, change and healing things take time and care!

I am excited ladies and possibly gents to see what it is you create and step out in faith on. Go  ahead and build yourself and your social circle up. Share your experiences and inspire someone else around you to step outside their comfort zone and grow.

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