The Rise of Prices

Prices are rising across the board and there is no way we can escape it. Not only is gas getting more expensive but even our foods and other essentials are rising as well. When you think about it, every aspect in the U.S is getting more expensive. However, there is still a high demand for real estate. Properties aren’t even lasting a week on the market. Not to mention sellers are getting more than asking. So yes, it’s still a good time to buy and sell if you’re in the market. Cash is king! I also encourage people to do their own research. You sometimes don’t need a real estate agent to research an area or property for you. Go out and look at the areas you want to live in. Visit day time and night to get a feel for it. Look up the school districts and all your essential stores.

The way the market is going, I know it has some folks on edge about a possible recession. Just think we made it through the worse times of covid-19, then we are definitely not gonna have a recession any time soon. 

Things are progressing and the economy is getting better. Folks have started back working in the offices and places are starting to run normally again. Interest rates are still lower than previous years, so don’t miss out. Be sure to ask about programs with down payment assistance or even closing cost. They are still giving out free money if you’re trying to buy a home.

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