This Mother, Everything

This Mother’s Day is an especially exciting one this year. For the first time, my daughter’s birthday falls on the same day and we are celebrating both sides of Mother’s Day: the day my daughter was born, and the day she made me a mother. And to top it off, she is turning ten.

There is something really beautiful about all these moments in one day. My daughter’s birth day is one of the greatest days of my life, and since then I have lived every moment for and because of my daughter. Mother’s Day is the day every year that I just take a rest from the daily grind, from work, from being “Mom”, except you can’t really escape it, can you? Being “Mom” becomes who we are, but what about the “you” that you are to yourself? How are you celebrating you on Mother’s Day? 

Now, I don’t just mean mothers of human babies. I am talking to you as well, Mamas of fur babies and plants. Have you tried keeping a living being alive? It’s not easy. I am raising a human, two cats, and multiple plants. Had we met eleven years ago, you would laugh in disbelief over my motherhood now. I once won a goldfish at a carnival and when we got home, I placed it in a bowl and set it under the lamp in my room and walked out to eat dinner. A mere hour later, little Goldie Hawn was floating at the top. I thought animals took care of themselves

I recently reminded my daughter that she turns ten in a couple weeks, and then realized…. I KEPT A HUMAN ALIVE FOR TEN YEARS. That’s impressive, if you ask me. And then I thought about my cats and plants, and the work and devotion that goes into keeping them safe and alive as well. One of my plants has nearly died five times over the past three years, but she keeps resuscitating and coming back. My beautiful little Fraulein the House Plant.

For all the Mamas out there, I want you to listen up. 


This year, I encourage you to go out and celebrate yourself, instead of waiting for others to show gratitude for you. They say being a mom is a thankless job; that we take on more roles than just being mom. I disagree. That IS being mom. To be everything your little one needs from birth/adoption/fostering to the end of their days. Mom means keeping your little being alive to grow and be whomever they are meant to be for however long they are. It means not needing a thank you, but knowing that the ones you keep alive (for however long that life is) are nothing but gratitude themselves. Whether your little life is alive for one minute or one hundred years, YOU are the mother who kept that life going for as long as it was meant to live. And you need to be celebrated and to celebrate yourself. 

And so, I give you this challenge, take yourself out to lunch. Treat yourself to a spa day. Buy yourself that jewelry you’ve been eyeing. Take that hike. Finish that workout. Ride that motorcycle. Eat the desserts. Bake yourself a cake. Do the things that YOU want to do that celebrate everything that you are, because Mama…… 

You are everything.

Cover Photo:
Author with her daughter, “Miss O.”
Space and Cat Rings by Little Rooms.

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