Then & Now

Sorry I missed the meeting, I didn’t SEE the email. That is so funny!  I learned to type while I was in Junior High School (grades 7, 8, and 9). Our typing classroom had at least 30 typewriters (Underwood, Royal, etc).  We spent whole class – periods learning to use the correct fingers – left hand, a,s,d,f and right hand, j,k,l,;. Now everyone uses their thumbs to type on their phones. How crazy is that?

Sometime ago, while on a road trip with some of my great granddaughters, we visited a museum.  I said to them, “Look, there’s a typewriter like the one I learned to type on!” They looked and we moved on to look at other things.  Then I noticed one of them had gone back to the typewriter, so I went back and said to her, “Interesting, huh?” She said, “Yes, but where’s the screen?”  She could not comprehend the concept of putting paper into the typewriter.  I didn’t even try to explain how to erase mistakes or using carbons to make copies. 😜

Back to this email business. . .

In our house (and most houses of this generation), we had ONE telephone which was on a PARTY LINE. That means that more than one family shared that line. You had to take turns.  Later we were able to obtain a STRAIGHT LINE. That means we had our own line and we could use our phone whenever we wanted. We did not have to share!!! That led to us being able to have more than one phone in our house, however, all phones were on the same line.

In addition, each of us kids were given a dime that we could not spend. This was our EMERGENCY MONEY to call home from a phone booth (like the one Superman used to change clothes) in an emergency. Phone booths were located at various intersections and in most public places.

Ironically, many years passed before we began using cell and car phones. Were we excited? Yes!!! We could talk on the phone wherever we were!  THEN. . .they started this email and text stuff. Well, we finally caught on to the email stuff but the text was a challenge.  We understand how to do it but we don’t remember to look at the phone every 10 minutes to SEE if there is a message.

SOOOO, if you want to connect, CALL ME, I’ll answer every time!

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