Time Management

Who has set a goal or had a list of things to do and then just “not had the time” to get it done so to speak? Hopefully not just me,(insert silly face here). Let’s talk a little bit about time management this month. I think we are all guilty of saying “I don’t have time for that” at some point or another during our lives and I’m sure we will inevitability say it again. The thing is there is always a uniform and same number of hours in everyone’s day, no one gets any extra, it’s always 24. None of us HAVE time, we have to MAKE the time. Life can easily become overwhelming in today’s busy world whether we are a parent, spouse, career person, all of the above etc. we are all busy and most of us wear multiple hats throughout a single day, have to take the kids to school, clean the house, go to the store, make it to work on time, pick the kids back up and find time for ourselves hopefully focus a bit on our health and get in a workout etc.

Not having the time is the number one excuse people use when they don’t do the things on their list that they don’t prioritize, especially when it comes to a workout or making it to the gym. Combine trying to get a workout in with all the other tasks and responsibilities in a day and it can definitely be a daunting thought. But again we all have 24 hours in or days so here are some helpful tips on how to make sure we have the time to get done what we need and want to.

1. Prioritize: when something is important to you for whatever reason that is you’re more likely to try to make the time to get it done. Health should always be a priority. A workout doesn’t have to be hours long and take up your day. A quick 20 mins spent moving is enough! Let’s prioritize getting in at least a 20 min workout each day this month.

2. Plan your day. Make a list of what you need to get done, actually write it down. This is more a way to hold yourself accountable to it.

3. Try to focus on and complete one task at a time. When we try to multi task we tend to forget steps along the way ( or at least I sometimes do)

4. Figure out and know when your most productive times are. Try to use this period of the day to get the most done.  Some people are morning people ( I am not these people), but if this is you then try to get up and workout first thing that way you don’t get to the end of your day tired and realize you didn’t make the time. Whatever time is your most productive, plan to and prioritize what you need to do and take advantage.

5. Remove distractions: for me it’s my phone, I will get caught up on social media for an hour and not even realize it had been that long. For others it’s the TV etc. whatever it is that fills your time unproductively, remove it. Put the phone on the charger for a while, turn the TV off until after you complete you list of to dos. Whatever that distraction looks like for you remove it and lets be productive.

6. Don’t be afraid to say no. often we as humans don’t want to let others down so we say yes to things we have no business saying yes to. We are allowed to say no I’m sorry I can’t do that today or this week or this month. We have to be aware of our limitations and when something won’t fit in the list we made for the day just say no.

Let’s all try to be intentional with our time this month. Let me know which tips you try and how they work out for you and your life, which ones you like the most. Let’s make sure we are MAKING the time especially for our own health fitness and wellbeing.

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