Working Through It

Have you ever fallen off a bike or tripped in front of a crowd? Have you ever briefly ended up parallel with the ground in front of that handsome guy as you tried to leave his presence gracefully? Chances are, even if none of these scenarios apply, you can still imagine or relate. Often we find ourselves in a position where it would be so much more convenient to lay down in our pain, hide or quit. The problem with this type of resolve is it doesn’t resolve anything. It only leaves a void masked with a faux fix. When we fall down, it is not always easy to get up, but we can look at where we came from and rejoice in rising from the place of appeared failure or embarrassment. Often I refer to life through the lens of gardening and growing.

I believe that lousy position of having failed, missed a deadline, or just sheer embarrassment can actually be the “compost” of life. You know, at first glance, no one likes old decaying produce laying around. In fact, when left out in the open, that fruit becomes a breeding ground for insects, is foul-smelling, and can contribute to disease. Now take that same old fruit, add it to a compost bin. Compost is a nutrient-rich product that feeds crops leading to a bountiful harvest of more fruit and produces. So when we take a bad or indifferent situation and look at it with growth potential, growth can and will happen. It may be small, it may take some time, or it may require changes on our part; however, we have the power and the gift inside of us to produce beautiful by-products from faulty situations. DO NOT DISCARD your mess-ups, shortcomings, or mistakes. Realize how you can use those situations to create a beautiful life or pour grand knowledge into others.

I will share a seemingly embarrassing, more frustrating situation for me. I am overdue with the launch of a personal product. I can get angry about my lack of follow-through, my failure to have the necessary tools needed to progress, heck I could just quit. I can also share my story, carry on with the task, embrace the hurdles and come out on the other side, rejoicing in my victory.

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